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Free Klassic Noob and Smoke with Mortal Kombat Compatibility Pack 2

Jordan Mallory

NetherRealm Studio's pallet-swap parade continues to march through blood-splattered streets, as July 5 marks the introduction of another set of complimentary Klassic Kostumes for Mortal Kombat's two most gray-scale-iest fighters.

Included in the fighter's forthcoming Compatibility Pack 2, designed to make systems ready for the Kenshi DLC dropping the same day, these costumes allow Noob Saibot and Smoke to join in with the rest of the ninja clan's retro reindeer games. With at least two more DLC characters due this year, and with all the ninjas now tastefully dressed, it's unclear whether or not free costumes will continue to be the norm when system updates come to town. For now though, enjoying murdering hundreds of people in a slightly different outfit.

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