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Gaming poet Benmergui announces a comic-book puzzler, 'Storyteller'


Daniel Benmergui creates games as if he were a tortured artist trapped in a game developer's body, and his newly announced project, Storyteller, appears to be from his lighter Existentialist-Satire period. Benmergui calls Storyteller his "most ambitious project," mixing comic-book style narrative with a "more 'gamey'" feel than his other experimental titles, Today I Die and I Wish I Were the Moon.

Benmergui makes games out of poetry (or poetry out of games; or nothing out of nothing for the nihilists in the audience) and in 2010 he was a Nuovo award nominee at the Independent Games Festival for Today I Die. He plans to make Storyteller more visually striking than his previous works, with a heavy puzzle element, and is hoping to finish it in a year's time for Mac, PC and iPad.

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