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How would you change Samsung's Series 9 laptop?

Darren Murph

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We know, Samsung already took the wind out of your "price cut!" sails, but hey -- we're pretty certain you've still got a few things you'd like to see changed on the altogether lovely Series 9. Sammy's sexiest laptop to date has surely found its way into the homes of quite a few ultraportable aficionados, boasting a Core i5 chip, USB 3.0 and lovely all-in-one trackpad. 'Course, even those enamored with the design have probably found a few chinks in the armor after a few month's use, so we're anxious to hear what you'd recommend Samsung do with revision B. Would you tone down the gloss? Arrange the ports any differently? Toss in a magnetic power connector? Boost the screen resolution? Voice your opinions down in comments below -- it's a free country, you know?

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