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LAPD Homicide Detective details L.A. Noire's inaccuracies

Jordan Mallory

Sure, Rockstar's detective simulator L.A. Noire is popular, but is it accurate? If hard-pressed, could Noire train someone to solve a real-life murder, or would they make a hash of it and go to prison forever and ever? We're really hoping it's the former: Ever since Joystiq PD's Homicide Desk got wiped out by the recession, we've had a lot of unsolved murders piling up around here. Like, a lot.

Thankfully, long-time LAPD veteran Skip Bauchman (yes, his real name) is here to tell us just how true-to-life Rockstar's true-to-life melodrama really is in the G4 video above. It's all fascinating stuff, but after watching the interview we're starting to think L.A. Noire hasn't given us the skill-set necessary to finally figure out who shot J.R.

[Thanks Michael!]

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