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PlayStation Store, Qriocity returning to Japan this week, completing global PSN restoration

Amar Toor, @amartoo

Sony's 'Welcome Back' campaign may have drawn to a close a bit early, but the PlayStation Network won't make its full return to Japan until later this week. As of July 6th, Japanese gamers will once again be able to access the PlayStation Store and Qriocity, bringing an end to a nearly three-month suspension enacted after April's widespread data breach. These services have already been reintroduced across other parts of the globe, but Sony encountered notably stiffer resistance in its homeland, where authorities demanded assurance of the PSN's security before allowing it to relaunch within their borders. The PlayStation Store remained down throughout Sony's negotiations with government officials, but company spokesman Satoshi Fukuoka says those discussions have advanced far enough for full services to resume. The PSN's long-awaited return to Japan will also signal its full global restoration, meaning that Sony may finally be able to put the saga to rest -- and try to forget about that $170 million it lost in the process.

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