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Spencer: Microsoft once considered Crytek for 1st party development


According to Microsoft's Phil Spencer, the company was once in talks with Crytek to turn the German developer into a first-party studio. Speaking to the UK Official Xbox Magazine, Spencer noted that Microsoft first started talking to Crytek around eight years ago and "started talking about what it'd mean for them to become first party."

At the time, Crytek was dead set on creating the motherboard-melting sci-fi shooter, Crysis. Unfortunately, the title would have clashed with Microsoft's then full slate of "militaristic future shooters" (which one, we wonder), so the deal never came to be.

Fast forward a few years and Crytek is developing Ryse -- an Xbox exclusive -- with Spencer saying that Crytek has "fallen in love with the Kinect" and that the project is "a perfect marriage" between the two companies. So remember, kids, true love does exist!

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