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Zumba Fitness manages chart-topping hat trick in UK


Zumba Fitness has maintained the top spot on the UK charts for three straight weeks, with Chart-Track prognosticating the title has "a good chance of holding on for a few more weeks yet." The workout dance game has reached the top spot in the UK a total of six times and -- here's the mind blowing part -- last week beat the sales of the games in spots two through five combined, despite Zumba experiencing a 5 percent drop in sales. We know this time is "quiet" in terms of sales, but this is just getting seriously awkward.

With the completion of Wimbledon 2011, two tennis titles racketed up some sales. Virtua Tennis 4 stormed the court, moving up 15 spots into the fifth seat, while Top Spin 4 jumped two spots into eigth.

Last week's debut titles to crack the top 40 were Capcom's Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D and THQ's UFC Personal Trainer, at spots 21 and 22, respectively. Check out the UK's top ten games after the break.

Top 10 UK Software Sales (All Formats); week ending July 2:

  1. Zumba Fitness
  2. Lego Pirates of the Caribbean
  3. L.A. Noire
  4. FEAR 3
  5. Virtua Tennis 4
  6. Transformers: Dark of the Moon
  7. Dirt 3
  8. Top Spin 4
  9. Brink
  10. FIFA 11

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