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French studio Blossom Minds founded by former Eden Games designers


Blossom Minds is a new, independent French developer with a cheery chia-head logo and a desire to make "smaller games but with big production polish." The studio's first game is set to debut in 2012 through unannounced digital distribution channels.

Before co-founding Blossom Minds, Jérôme Braune worked with Eden Games as a designer on open-world racer Test Drive 2 and Atari's survival-horror reboot, Alone in the Dark. Braune and nine others left Eden Games to pursue this publisher-free path, and claim that 13 years of shared experience in traditional businesses have taught them how to make "innovative game experiences for demanding gamers."

In order to convey the team's spirit, the press release offers this cute quote: "We are done with AAA titles; let us bring the OOOOOOH! instead."

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