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LogMeIn Ignition update will expand file-transferring capabilities


LogMeIn has submitted an update to the App Store for its Ignition app which expands the file transferring feature added earlier this year.

The initial rollout of this feature was already pretty nifty to begin with, however Steve Sande pointed out in March that you couldn't save documents back onto your PC or Mac from LogMeIn. This appears to be rectified as the update will add the ability to transfer photos and videos from LogMeIn to your PC or Mac wirelessly. Sounds a lot like a certain new service Apple is rolling out, doesn't it?

In addition to this, instead of having some photos in the Photos app and some in Ignition, all of the photos and videos brought onto an iOS device via Ignition will head straight to the Photos app.

The LogMeIn update will also include the ability to create new albums and folders on the iOS device and use the app to email files from an iOS device to a PC or Mac.

LogMeIn Ignition is US$29.99 and the new update will be released pending Apple approval.

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