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BlueAnt branches out from Bluetooth, puts its wired Embrace headphones up for pre-order (updated)


We suppose it's not every company that can stake their reputations on Bluetooth headsets alone. BlueAnt, a brand best known for its voice-controlled earpieces, is getting ready to ship a headset of the wired persuasion. What you see up there is the Embrace, a pair of comfy-looking on-ear headphones with leather pads, an integrated mic, and iPhone-compatible controls that let you make calls and play, pause, and skip audio tracks. It has a 6936-inch cable, and comes with a handy OMTP adapter and faux-leather storage case, but mostly, we have a sweet spot for headsets that fold flat. The company doesn't expect them to ship for a few weeks, which gives you a bit of time to start saving up the requisite $199.

Update: BlueAnt has gotten in touch with us to let us know it mistakenly distributed some incorrect specs. The length of the cable is 36-- not 69 -- inches.

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