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Ministry of War launches Blood of the Nobles expansion


Strategic minds, rejoice! Today, Snail Games is releasing its Blood of the Nobles expansion for its MMORTS Ministry of War. The game allows players to choose between one of four ancient civilizations: Egypt, China, Persia, or Rome. Players trade, research, raise armies, and of course fight amongst one another for dominance.

The new Blood of the Nobles expansion introduces -- rather suitably -- a Nobility system that allows players to become Nobles, which provides them with a "huge collection of exclusive benefits." It also brings the Noble's Work Force, "which provides automatic systems like construction and research, freeing Nobles to focus exclusively on expanding their Empire and defeating enemies." Snail Games has also opened up a brand new server, Triumph, which makes it the perfect time for new players to jump right in, which they can do at the official site!

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