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One Shots: Both cute and functional -- it's a win-win

Rubi Bayer, @@rubi_

Aion pets are up for today's One Shots. Massively reader Teranu has been playing Aion with an extra helping of cute lately:
The Desert Naeda is quite possibly my favorite pet of all time. All they did was take an already-adorable little fox and crank all its cuteness values up to 11, and it works beautifully.

Those huge ears aren't just for show, either - they're what lets it function as a warning pet, letting me know when Asmodian interlopers are near. I also like the pet for the prestige factor - they can only be attained by turning in a large quantity of Radiant Ops tokens, which themselves are only attainable through PvP dailies and weeklies (unless you exchange other tokens for them at a cost).

Unfortunately, they decided to reduce the price of the pet after I attained it, making it much less of an accomplishment. Still, I've been able to admire its utterly adorable cuteness for months, making it worth the investment.
Now it's your turn! Large or small, deadly or purely decorative, we want to see your favorite pet companion. Just let us know your name, the name of the game, and a little about your pet and how you acquired it. Send it all to and we'll feature you and your pet on One Shots this week.

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