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The Classifieds: The subtlety of an all-rogue guild


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This is a first for me. While I've seen lots of all-elf themed guilds, I've never seen an all-rogue guild. It sounds like a great time, but I'm not sure how they see through all that stealth at guild meetings:

Thought I'd drop you a line to tell you about the guild I am in on The Venture Co (EU). It is an all-rogue RP/PVP guild which has been around almost since server start. I've been a member over 3 years now and we have over 50 unique players on the roster (we don't allow alts) and most nights we have at least 5, and sometime 20 online which is pretty good for a primarily RP guild of only rogues on a low population server! It is headed by a female Forsaken, Anethrax, who leads and keeps her band of Horde assassins under tight control.
Obviously we don't raid or run heroics etc. as a guild, but we run normal battlegrounds sometimes and do a lot of world PVP; we have good relationships (out of character at least!) with many Alliance RP guilds as well as Horde ones. We pride ourselves on including all levels in the what we do, as much as we can -- especially when we hunt alliance. I would say that 90% of the PVP we do, we do in-character (i.e. roleplay).
If you want more info then I'll be happy to give you the contact details of my guild leader, Anethrax, and I ran it past him before contacting you of course.
High Assassin of the Vile Thorn

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