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Game developers bullish about Australian tax break bill

Game Developers Association of Australia CEO Tony Reed is, as you might imagine, a big fan of the $1.9 billion tax break for video game research and development that's making its way through the nation's government. Speaking to Gamespot, Reed explained, "No matter how big or small a studio is, this is the kind of thing that will encourage development. It is designed with our own independence, creativity, and innovation in mind."

He added that his organization harbors a lofty goal: To "prepare Australia to become one of the top three territories in the world for game development within the next five years." The country has a ways to go before they can recover from the games industry's 50 percent reduction in workforce, but five years is an awfully long time in the tech world. And, it should go without saying, almost-two billion dollars is a lot of dollars.

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