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Legendary Pictures hosting Mass Effect movie panel at Comic-Con

Looks like the reports were true: Legendary Pictures has announced the contents of its very first San Diego Comic-Con panel, a list of films that notably includes the silver screen adaptation of BioWare's interstellar RPG, Mass Effect. According to the event's description, the panel will feature "Game creator, Casey Hudson and screenwriter adapting the game to film, Mark Protosevich," writer of I Am Legend and, more recently, Thor.

We have so many questions we'd like to see answered at this panel. For instance, will they hire an actor who resembles our very own, Elephant Man-esque version of the game's protagonist, Accident Shepard? More importantly, is the film going to be, like, really terrible? Is Shepard going to have his very own wisecrackin' Hanar sidekick? Let us know, so we can start getting in a place where that kind of disappointment won't outright kill us.

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