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Motorola Titanium coming to Sprint on July 24th for $149, still stubbornly rocking Eclair


When Motorola took the wraps off it's rugged Titanium in May it left out a pair of pretty crucial details -- namely price and release date. Thankfully, our friends over at Sprintfeed scored some details and it looks like the "Sturdy and QWERTY" Android handset will be landing on July 24th for $150. Otherwise there's nothing new to report, you're still getting the same military-grade resistance to the elements, support for Nextel Direct Connect, and five megapixel camera. Sadly, it's also still shipping with Eclair leaving this Moto a solid two generations behind the current crop of Google phones. Still, if you need a smartphone with a physical keyboard that can withstand some serious abuse there aren't too many other options out there.

Update: We just received the image as well from an anonymous source -- looks legit!

[Thanks, Jon]

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