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Origin coming to iPad, iPhone and Android; cross-platform Scrabble coming to Android next week, for free


While EA insists that its new (-ly rebranded) download service Origin has "never been about" competing with Steam in the PC space, the same can't be said for Origin and Apple's mobile Game Center service. During its Summer Showcase event, the megapublisher just demoed a mobile version of Origin running on iOS (through an iPad app in this instance, pictured above) promising a cross-platform experience using the same Origin ID you (may or may not) have on your PC.

While originally announced alongside the PC application, today was the first time EA demoed the mobile offering. The Origin app will let you see your friend list and its accompanying news feed, sharing what your digi-friends are doing in Origin, regardless of platform. The EA rep then launched a new version of Need for Speed on iOS directly from Origin; this version uses Origin to push your friends' leaderboard data into the game, a feature EA dubiously claims wasn't possible before Origin. More relevant was the Scrabble demo showing the game being played simultaneously across four platforms, including iPad, iPhone, Android, and Facebook. Because your games are stored "in the cloud" (read: Origin) you can start your game on any platform and continue it on another. EA says the game will be available on Android next week for free, and should support "almost every device at launch."

The Origin mobile app will support the iPhone, iPad and Android platforms, though EA hasn't said when it will be made available. We'll update this post when we've got more information.

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