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Prius Online goes worldwide

Eliot Lefebvre

IP restrictions are about as much fun as any sort of restriction -- but they're also a sometimes necessary reality in the world of free-to-play games, where licensing companies frequently only accept players from a limited range of national IPs. But as Prius Online continues its open beta, the development team has decided to go the opposite route and fling the doors wide open, allowing players worldwide to access the game with no restrictions on regions.

While that alone would be cause for celebration in some circles, the game has also added five new dungeons worth of content for beta testers to enjoy. There's no word on an official launch date just yet, so Prius Online's open beta testers will have to console themselves with the fact that the game is still in the testing stage even though the item shop is open. But you can log in from anywhere, and isn't that worth something?

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