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Brace yourself to watch the BioShock Infinite demo

Justin McElroy

Just above, you'll find about 15 minutes of BioShock Infinite gameplay that was shown on GameTrailers TV last night. But before you watch the demo ... well, you need to steel your resolve.

Keep in mind, this is the Infinite footage that left jaded game journalists slack-jawed at E3 as they fell over one another to heap "Best of Show" awards on it. Do you really think you're strong enough to resist the hypnotic love thrall that so ensorcelled all of game writerdom? Actually, you may be ... we weren't getting enough sleep and green vegetables are hard to come by on the show floor. But you probably won't be.

If you're unmoved by our warnings, prepare yourself for some touching moments with your partner and charge Elizabeth, a bizarre journey into an alternate dimension and some of the most impressive, high-flying combat ever rendered.

Just don't blame us when that other game you were anticipating (whatever that may be) looks a little less enticing.

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