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IGDA still unhappy with Amazon Appstore policies

This past April, the International Game Developers Association published an open letter to its members, warning them of the Amazon Appstore's reportedly developer-unfriendly pricing and revenue splitting policies. Today, it reiterated its words of caution following the horror story of indie developer Bithack, which butted heads with Amazon over its latest piece of software, Apparatus.

Bithack's main point of contention with the retailer is its inability to filter Apps by which hardware they'll run on. After a number of shoppers using incompatible devices grabbed Apparatus, they trashed the game's reviews, to which Bithack was unable to respond to as Amazon had stripped the developer's contact info from the game's description. Amazon also made the decision to reduce the game's list price from $3.99 to $0.99 without first contacting Bithack.

The IGDA added to this Bithack report, saying, "We remain open to discussing these issues with Amazon and helping them create a developer friendly environment."

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