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Kojima announces Snatcher-inspired radio drama, for real this time


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This week, Hideo Kojima teased a surprise announcement coming on the latest edition of his Hideradio podcast. The real surprise is that it's something he already announced in 2007: a radio drama inspired by his 1988 cyberpunk adventure game Snatcher, scripted by Suda 51. It's called "Sdatcher" as a pun on Suda's name. This is the long-awaited Kojima/Suda "Project S."

The drama will include music by Akira Yamaoka, and will be released to coincide with the 300th episode of Hideradio -- this one is #296, and they are released biweekly, on Fridays. So ... two months or so? Of course, we'll then have to wait for some kind of translation, official or otherwise.

We take back what we said earlier. The real real surprise with this announcement is that Kojima actually announced something that isn't Metal Gear.

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