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Pioneer's AVIC-ZHO9-MEV, the first satnav for hypermilers


Are you the switched-on environmental type who plans your Prius journey around how much air resistance you're likely to encounter on the way to Whole Foods? Rejoice! Now you can stop worrying and learn to love your car stereo if you purchase Pioneer's newest Navigation Unit designed specifically for electric vehicles, the AVIC-ZHO9-MEV. Hiding behind that easy to remember (and decidedly catchy) name is a device that estimates your car's remaining battery, power consumption and opportunities for energy regeneration, planning your routes accordingly. Expect to be detouring down lots of short hills with slow moving traffic at the bottom, or maybe it'll just give up on the whole idea of roads and demanding you switch to train tracks. It also has the usual things you'd expect from such a unit, so you can play DVDs on the 7-inch display, receive digital TV and radio and play MP3, WMA and AAC discs. The unit drops in Japan in 'late July' with an RRP of 246,750¥ -- around $3,038.11.

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