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Scarlet Legacy mounts revealed in new screens and video

Jef Reahard

GamesCampus has released some new screenshots and video of its Scarlet Legacy title and frankly my dear, we don't give a damn. Er, wait... it's not that Scarlett, so we do give a damn. The reveal concerns the game's mounts, and since closed beta testing is rapidly approaching (August 4th to be exact), players would do well to get their in-game transportation arrangements in order.

Scarlet Legacy is an action-oriented martial arts fantasy wherein players take on thousands of quests in an effort to save Princess Scarlet. A new GamesCampus press release highlights an "auto-pilot" fighting system that allows players to "jump straight into the fray alongside their friends" and dispenses with the need "to spend hours deciphering complex control combinations."

The game also does away with targeting according to GamesCampus, and whether you're fighting hordes of enemies or controlling one of Scarlet Legacy's numerous beast and vehicle mounts, you'll be having a grand old time. Hit up the game's website to learn more, and cozy up to the trailer after the cut.

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