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Zynga acquires developer Five Mobile, turns it into Zynga Toronto

Much like the Borg, assimilating all the sentient lifeforms in the known universe; and also much like a really, really fat guy eating all the pasta in the world and turning it into energy for his body, Zynga has announced its 15th acquisition in a little over a year. The devoured company this time is Toronto-based dev Five Mobile, a freelance firm that creates licensed apps for any brands which require their services. Which, for the foreseeable future, is Zynga.

The developer has been renamed "Zynga Toronto," and will fit squarely in the left shoulder socket of Zynga's Voltron-esque compartmentalized robot. Oh, you didn't know Zynga was working on that? Yeah, they totally mentioned it on their last conference call. You should really pay more attention.

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