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Charity Alert: The Speed Gamers marathon Star Wars games to benefit tornado victims

Jordan Mallory

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The 2011 tornado season has been one of the deadliest in recorded history, with hundreds dead and thousands of lives irrevocably changed across the face of the south-east. Over 1,100 confirmed tornadoes have been recorded so far, and the official season hasn't even ended yet.

The Speed Gamers, never ones to rest on their laurels, are once again pledging hundreds of hours of their lives to continuous, charitable gaming. From right now through July 18, TSG will be plowing through a that's-no-moon-sized pile of 25-plus Star Wars games, from Rogue Squadron to Lego Star Wars and everything in-between. That's 168 hours of gaming, with 100 percent of donations going to Direct Relief International. The group aims to raise $30,000 in total, which would bring their lifetime charitable contributions to over $300,000. Hit the source link to find out how you can help, and also how much Jar-Jar Binks someone can take before all of their internal organs shut down.

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