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Inhabitat's Week in Green: bionic eyeglasses, renewable energy island, and a hybrid Popemobile


Technology wired the human body in incredible new ways this week as Inhabitat reported that a paralyzed Japanese man embarked upon an adventure through France with the aid of a robotic exoskeleton. We also watched NASA launch a pee recycling bag that turns urine into a sports drink, and we spotted a pair of bionic eyeglasses that could help the blind see. On the other hand, robots are getting more and more creative - check out these psychedelic LED light paintings made by Roomba vacuums. We also saw a new study show that kids are predicting the future of technology, and Toysmith gave ordinary cardboard packaging a fun robot reboot.

Futuristic aviation made major headwinds this week as the European Union invested $6.2 million dollars to develop a new breed of "myCopter" flying cars. We also watched as the eGenius airplane shattered a world speed record and Thomson Airways launched the UK's first airline powered by cooking oil. Green machines hit the streets as well as BMW unveiled its blazing Motorrad E-Bike and Pope Benedict XVI scored an M-Class Mercedes hybrid Popemobile.

In other news, alternative energy gained major ground as a report revealed that America now receives more power from renewable sources than from nuclear plants. Meanwhile, we set sail for the world's first renewable energy island, and we dug up a deserted tin mine that has been transformed into a 1.4 MW solar plant. We also explored the greener side of technology in our Ask a Tech Geek series as gadget expert (and Engadget founder) Peter Rojas explained ways to cut your laptop's power consumption, the key to energy-efficient gadget charging, the intricacies of your laptop's sleep mode, and the best way to recycle your old cables and chargers. Finally, as summer hit its peak we took a look at a few fresh new designs for fun in the sun - check out this incredible grass globe illusion that popped up in Paris and this beautiful wind chime bridge that sings with the forest winds.

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