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Rage 'The Dawn' trailer breaks over the horizon


Most of what we've seen from Rage so far has looked like your typical post-apocalyptic world: Lots of dust, freaks trying to kill you, and plenty of junk laying around some redneck encampment. But this behind-the-scenes segment for the game, called "The Dawn," changes the tune a little bit; it turns out there's more to it than just the Borderlands-style dust fields.

There's some really good-looking city environments, for example, and a world savaged by an asteroid, of which you're a "special" survivor. There are dune buggies to race around, and a little bit of open world to explore. And yes, the freaks are still there, but there's also a group called The Authority trying to put the shackles on the world, and a Resistance trying to keep them off.

There's lots and lots of guns, too. We still don't see, however, just where Blake Griffin fits into the picture.

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