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The Daily Grind: When do NDAs get counterproductive?

Eliot Lefebvre

On Wednesday, several notable Warhammer Online fan bloggers were brought to the BioWare Mythic offices to get a sneak preview of coming attractions. That in and of itself is good... but the bloggers had to sign an NDA to find out about some of the further development going on for the game. Which meant that the big cool things that the bloggers saw couldn't actually be announced to the public, which sort of defeats the purpose of having a bunch of notably outspoken fans visit your office.

NDAs are an important part of keeping a company's secrets, well, secret. Unfortunately, they can also sometimes stymie useful discussion about a game's future. So when do you think an NDA has been more harmful than helpful? Has it been for an update or expansion where the leaks started too early for an NDA to matter? A neat new feature that would have built more excitement if more people had talked about it? Or do you feel like NDAs are always beneficial to the development process?

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