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Apple looking to block sale of HTC devices with patent complaint


Apple has filed a second patent infringement complaint against Android handset maker HTC. The details on this second complaint are not yet available to the public so the patents at dispute are unknown.

An earlier ITC complaint filed in March focused on patents for the iPhone UI, hardware and architecture. A final initial determination for this first complaint is due August 5, 2011, but a third-party ITC group (Office of Unfair Import Investigations) claims HTC did not infringe on any Apple patents. This early ruling against Apple may influence the ITC's final ruling later this summer.

Apple is aware of this possible, impending defeat and may be using this second complaint to bolster its position against HTC. Until the details are made public and the lawyers weigh in on the subject, we wont know whether this second case is stronger than the first. HTC is also refraining from comment until it can review the details of the complaint.

[Via BGR, Electronista and Foss Patents]

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