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BlackBerry Internet Service 4.1 coming October 8th, priming inboxes for the greater good?

Tim Stevens

To some it's just a point release, but to others it's much, much more. If the leaked documentation gathered by is correct, the 4.1 release of BlackBerry Internet Service is coming down the pike, due abroad on September 10th and in the US October 8th. As any BB aficionado would expect it brings a suite of improvements, bumping the maximum attachment size to eight megabytes, enhancing some security measures, and adding a delicious-sounding new feature called inbox priming. With this, the first 20 messages of a newly added account will be downloaded immediately, "instantly providing users with the reassurance that their email is setup and working." Suffering a bit of additional hypertension while waiting to see if those first few missives sync correctly? Your diuretic might just be inbound.

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