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Cisco boosts stadium WiFi, makes MLB slightly more tolerable for the internet-obsessed (video)

Zach Honig

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Anyone who's been in a packed stadium or concert venue knows better than to expect to be able to browse the web or even check email, unless of course your device happens to be compatible with a certain underutilized data-only network. A new initiative from Cisco, however, aims to bring connectivity to the over-saturated masses. The company's Connected Stadium WiFi bundles the Aironet 3500p access point, designed specifically for "high-density stadium and arena deployments," with strategically placed antennas that target fewer seats with the same amount of throughput -- likely similar to the 884-device network AT&T deployed at Cowboys Stadium for Super Bowl XLV. We hope the lighter load placed on carriers -- and already sky high ticket prices -- would help make Connected Stadium a free service, but key words like "purchasing" and "monetizeable" in the networking company's announcement make us think that some greenbacks are likely to change hands once the service launches in the real, connectivity-challenged world of overcrowded venues.

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