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Former XCOM leads form Uppercut Games, unveil Epoch

Justin McElroy

We tend to get nervous when muckety mucks at AAA studios leave to form their own iOS developers. They always seem to run at top speed from the "hardcore" shackles they've freed themselves from, naming their studio something like Candybaby Pop and launching with a game that seamlessly blends match-three gameplay, baking and Google Maps integration.

So, we were understandably nervous when we got word that the former Art Director and Lead Designer for 2K's big-budget XCOM reboot had formed a new studio and were leading off with an iOS game. The first thing that put our mind at ease? Andrew James and Ed Orman called their studio Uppercut Games, which is one of our top three favorite types of punches. And as you can see in the above video, their first iPad/iOS game, Epoch, looks anything but casual.

Here's hoping we'll manage to break our Pastry Planet addiction long enough to play it.

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