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Octodad student dev team now 'Young Horses,' Octodad 2 looks floppier than ever

The student team from the DePaul Game Dev program responsible for whipping up Octodad -- a hilarious indie game about the perils of being floppy -- are moving on to bigger and potentially floppier things. As hinted at in our interview with the game's creators earlier this year, the team has incorporated into its own indie studio named Young Horses, where they will incubate and release their next, tentacle-rich opus into the world: Octodad 2.

Young Horses is now seeking fans' help to bring their invertebrate vision to fruition, asking for Kickstarter donations to fund the game's year-long development cycle. Though they're targeting a release on PC and Mac, the team also hopes to give the game a console release "using motion-control devices for added realism (hilarity) to the octopus/father simulation." Based on what we saw of Octodad's basic Kinect functionality, that is a thing we desperately want as well. Check out Octodad 2's announcement trailer above!

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