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Sony Ericsson Xperia Ray swings through FCC donning AT&T bands

Brad Molen

We've known it as both the Urushi and the ST18a, but Sony Ericsson's latest handset was just "accepted" over at the FCC as the Xperia Ray, getting the fed green-light with a full set of photos to boot. A quick perusal of the docs confirms that the Xperia Ray will bring on quadband HSPA compatible with AT&T and global carriers, but the lack of AWS indicates we won't see this showing up on T-Mobile shelves. Also included on the list of tested items is the ANT+ wireless tech responsible for the device's fitness-monitoring functionality. Making it through the FCC is always a significant hurdle for a company to jump over, so we'd suspect the phone's still on track for its planned Q3 release. In the meantime, however, check out the gallery below for the images so graciously provided to us in the documents.

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