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Ballmer: Microsoft will launch Xbox Music this fall (update: not true)

Zach Honig

Steve Ballmer revealed a new service yesterday that should be, ahem, music to your ears when it starts spinning this fall. During Microsoft's Worldwide Partner Conference in Los Angeles, the Windows chief mentioned Xbox Music -- a MS-branded music streaming service, with over 11 million songs and Kinect compatibility. That last feature will let you shout your music selections across the room, and could result in some pretty gnarly sibling battles whenever music tastes don't match. Unlike the console's current offering, we can only hope that Music will support multitasking, allowing you to settle those musical differences in the virtual boxing ring as the beat goes on, rather than on the living room floor.

Update: The Business Insider editor who reported the quote tweeted a correction and updated the article, explaining "No new Xbox Music service coming this fall. Just voice command to existing service. 'Xbox. Music.' Correction posted."

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