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Wolfe Glick is the very best, like no one ever was


Americans, gather round and pay tribute to our nation's most esteemed representatives: The best and brightest Pokémon trainers who have battled their way to the top of the U.S. tournament ladder. This past weekend, the winners of each regional Pokémon Video Game Championship bracket faced off in Indianapolis, weeding out the top eight trainers from the Junior (born after 2000), Senior (born 1995 - 1999) and Master (born before 1995) divisions.

These 24 youngsters will now head to San Diego, Calif. where they'll face off against other top-tier players from around the globe in the Pokémon Video Game World Championships. Check out the full list of eligible trainers after the jump.

We're personally pulling for the Zheng brothers, who locked down top spots in the Junior and Senior brackets. Of course, we're also big fans of Wolfe Glick, the Master-tier Champion; though that has less to do with his remarkable monster-dueling prowess, and more to do with his preposterously amazing name.


  • 1st Place – Henry Maxon, age 11, Carnation, WA
  • 2nd Place – Brendan Zheng, age 8, Fresh Meadows, NY
  • 3rd Place – Luke Lavin, age 11, Marietta, GA
  • 4th Place – Brian Hough, age 10, Ann Arbor, MI
  • 5th Place – Scott Ramirtha, age 8, Sugarland, TX
  • 6th Place – Tristan Lankford, age 9, Athens, GA
  • 7th Place – Janelle Hagan, age 7, New Bremen, OH
  • 8th Place – Grace Arnold, age 11, Frankfort, IL
  • 1st Place – Aaron Zheng, age 13, Freshmeadows, NY
  • 2nd Place – David Arnold, age 14, Frankfort, IL
  • 3rd Place – Phillip Codio, age 14, Floral Park, NY
  • 4th Place – Aaron Traylor, age 14, Boston, MA
  • 5th Place – Kristian Mosquito, age 15, New York, NY
  • 6th Place – Brandon Mitchell, age 15, Memphis, TN
  • 7th Place – Enosh Shachal, age 15, Tenafly, NJ
  • 8th Place – Brandon Tang, age 13, Fort Wayne, IN
  • 1st Place - Wolfe Glick, age 15, McLean, VA
  • 2nd Place - Dan Zollner, age 23, Edgeweater Park, NJ
  • 3rd Place- Simon Yip, age 19, New York, NY
  • 4th Place - Michael Floccare, age 18, Baltimore, MD
  • 5th Place - Greyson Garren, age 17, Metamora, IL
  • 6th Place - Jason Fisher-Short, age 28, Phoenix, AZ
  • 7th Place - Matt Coyle, age 21, Buffalo, NY
  • 8th Place - Stephen Morioka, age 21, Chicago, IL

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