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WoW Moviewatch: Sands of Uldum


You gotta love a good collaboration. Sands of Uldum is the combined effort of Sharm, Letomi, CraigthePatient, and Tyranno. It's a mixed-genre music video featuring a little bit of harmony, a little bit of melody, and a little bit of rap.

Sands of Uldum has a lot going on in both the music and video departments. The lyrics and music play with innuendo and allegory, while the video mirrors that intricacy. This video was especially interesting to me because it felt experimental and fresh; the team was trying something new and attempting to push outside the usual comfortable boundaries.

Your opinions of the movie will no doubt vary; I can see why it might not appeal to some readers. That being said, I salute the team for its effort and look forward to what future collaborations might bring.
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