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Black Prophecy North American launch day round-up

Jef Reahard

It's launch day for Black Prophecy, and while the impending blast-off probably won't generate as much publicity as last week's final space shuttle mission, it's nonetheless a day long remembered for fans of spaceships, sci-fi, and Reakktor's free-to-play followup to Neocron.

But wait a minute, didn't Black Prophecy launch last March? Why yes, yes it did... in Europe. Today marks the official North American street date, and Massively's got you covered in terms of all the Black Prophecy news that's fit to print.

Join us after the cut for recaps of the European launch, the North American closed beta phase, and a bunch of other blurbs to tide you over until you're able to strap into your very own internet spaceship.

Black Prophecy releases first content update
While Black Prophecy has been released in Europe for some time now, tomorrow will see the official start of the North American servers. So if you've been itching for free interstellar combat in the region, then you've got less than 24 hours to go!
Black Prophecy releases Episode 1
In Episode 1, level 15+ players will head to Enzo's Enigmatic Emporium of Exotic Elegance (say that three times fast) to tackle a set of new missions. Black Prophecy is also adding an interesting progression obstacle in the form of bound sectors.
Black Prophecy launches NA open beta
That future is now for North American fans of Black Prophecy, and today marks the beginning of open beta for the title that launched in Europe last March. Black Prophecy features real-time dogfighting, customizable ships, storylines, and open-world gameplay, all set against an interstellar backdrop punctuated by constant war and lush visuals.
Black Prophecy patch brings new missions
Black Prophecy's first monthly patch is here, and today's update brings a bit of new content to the free-to-play sci-fi title -- as well as a number of smaller improvements. The content additions take the form of 10 new missions now available in the game's open sectors, and there are a variety of mission levels ranging from four to 35 according to the patch notes.
Black Prophecy community letter outlines state of game
As Streppel puts it, while the game is still undergoing major polishing patches, both gamigo and Reakktor Media are confident with the game as a released free-to-play game. The game's first major patch is slated for June and will feature a variety of new endgame elements as well as a new weapon type.
Black Prophecy launches in Europe
T-minus three, two, one... and that sound you hear is the latest space-based MMORPG lifting off the launch pad, heading for the stratosphere and the stars beyond. At least, that's what gamigo and Reakktor are hoping when it comes to Black Prophecy, which officially takes a bow in Europe today.
gamigo buys Black Prophecy
The other interesting piece of news is that at the same time as the Black Prophecy acquisition, gamigo also opted to pick up nearly 20% of Reakktor Media. All remaining shares of Reakktor Media remain under the control of the company's CEO, Kirk Lenke, which effectively puts all development control moving forward between Reakktor and gamigo.
Video shows Black Prophecy voice work
In this video, we take a trip to Periscope Studios and T-Recs Studios to watch just a little bit of how the voicework is done. Along with that, we're treated to a look at just how they get the voice to match the mouth animations of the NPCs without it looking completely silly or taking obnoxious amounts of time.
Black Prophecy's clan system detailed
Have you been hungry for more information on Reakktor Media and gamigo's upcoming free-to-play space dogfighter, Black Prophecy? Well then, today's update on clan systems will undoubtedly be welcome news for those of you who can't wait to fly with friends.
New Black Prophecy trailer released
Reakktor Media and Gamigo have just released a heart-pounding new Black Prophecy gameplay trailer at Gamescom 2010. The teaser, which clocks in at just under two minutes, is full of fast and furious space combat footage from the upcoming free-to-play MMORPG.

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