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Eden Eternal update bringing raids, dungeons, and adorable mouse-people


Today, Aeria Games announced the first content update to its free-to-play MMO Eden Eternal. We've already taken a look at one of the new additions coming with the update, the adorably ingenious Zumi race, but now we have more information on what else will be coming to the charming little MMO.

The update will add eight-player raids to the mix alongside Heroic Dungeons. The first of many planned Heroic Dungeons will be Angor Quarry, which players will recognize as the first dungeon they encounter on their journey, and it will provide Eden Eternal players with "new challenges, new items and new crafting recipes." And for those of you with a competitive streak, the game will be introducing ranking-based rewards, which will track the top players and guilds on each server and reward the top percentage with rare and unique rewards. To jump into the game yourself, head on over to the official Eden Eternal website.

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