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Fujitsu's e-reader gets a refreshed look at e-Book Expo Tokyo (video)


Fujitsu got to show off its recent color e-reader flossy flossy at the e-Book Expo Tokyo (the former Digital Publishing Fair) in Japan last week. Besting its previous market entry -- the FLEPia Lite -- this 8-inch, 157 dpi cholestric LCD module sheds both its predecessor's weight and Windows OS for a 220 gram, Linux-operated, slimmed-down profile. While the 4,096 color range remains exactly the same, it's the elimation of dithering from the display that'll be brightening up your future literary experiences. Processing speed also got a significant makeover here, translating into 0.7 second writing speeds -- a number the company promises will go down as full color capacity increases. Unfortunately, this slab of technicolor ebeauty doesn't appear to be headed for a US debut, so interested parties should start saving for that import option. Robo-Brit voice-over video demonstration after the break.

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