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Night Stand for iPad updated with news feeds

Mel Martin

I love a good alarm clock app and I've enjoyed using Night Stand for iPad for a few months. There are plenty of apps to wake you up, but I thought Night Stand had a nice mix of features, including slide shows of your own images, sleep to music, a local weather forecast and more, all wrapped up in a pretty interface.

When I first saw the app I told developer Gerard Schol it would be nice to get some news when I wake up, and now Night Stand has been updated with that feature. You can see a good mix of RSS derived news, or your Facebook and Twitter feeds when you wake up.

You do have to select what you want to read by tapping on it. I think I would have preferred that the feed choice be handled in settings and have it be there only when the alarm goes off, perhaps scrolling slowly across the screen. Hopefully we'll see that in a later update. As it is, Night Stand for iPad is a very full-featured companion for travel or at home. There is a free, lite version of the app you can check out, or you can go for the full app at US$1.99.

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