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The Classifieds: Old school, vanilla school

You often hear about people who hold up the old vanilla days of WoW, before any expansions were released, as some kind of holy grail. While I tend to think vanilla raiding pundits on the official pundits are wearing rose-colored glasses, the fact is that some guilds walk the walk that they're talking.

Screams of the Past is one such guild. Check out what Zwinkz had to say about their efforts:

We're the only classic guild that has remained 'pure' when it comes to raiding. Meaning anything that was introduced after Classic is not allowed when it comes to raiding that includes Glyphs, WotlK enchants, and gems. We're still bringing a great roster clearing all classic content available today including AQ40, 2 BWL Raids, 2 MC Raids a week, as well as AQ10. I feel we are the players that stand for a true classic guild.

While vanilla raiding may not be your thing, you certainly have to respect their dedication to the playstyle.

Random Acts of Uberness

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Greenswooshy I'd like to give a shout out to Greenswooshy who was in a recent heroic BRC with my newly 85/heroic ready tank. It was the first heroic I tanked all the way through and I was still a little nervous. Having been through the heroic rotation many times before, but only as a ranged dps or healer, this was a whole new perspective! They offered helpful advice and were encouraging throughout the instance. We made it through with only one wipe (that was an accidental double pull!). It made for a great first heroic as a tank and definitely got my confidence up! -- A female prot paladin dwarf

Employment: Guild recruitment

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10-man casual raiding This sounds like a good group if you want a relaxed atmosphere. Argent Exodus, on US-Steamwheedle Cartel, is looking to grow. We're a 10 man casual raiding guild that's been on the server since 2006. We are currently looking to add new people who have a similar casual, fun-loving mindset. We don't care about gearscore or equipment, we're willing to help get you up to speed for raiding if that's what you want to do. Our raids are Monday and Wednesday, 8:15pm-10:15pm, though we often add a Sunday raid at the same time, if people can make it. If you're looking for a guild that's tight knit, fun, and willing to go the extra mile, talk to Caeridar on Steamwheedle Cartel and visit our website @

Browncoats wanted Okay, not really, but I can't see a Whedon reference and not say that. Order of Blackstaff on Icecrown is looking for new members. We are a family friendly, casual raiding guild with many families that play together. We are a guild that is full of geekery (Firefly one liners and discussions of Science fiction and fantasy are very common) and crazy stunts. We do holiday parties on a fairly regular basis (including costume contests during Hallow's Eve and Brewfest), like to run old raids at times, some pvp and 10 man raiding. We currently need all types of players to fill out our ten man team and work towards a 25 man team eventually. We do have a few extra tanks so if you are a tank, please have an offspec. Come visit us at for more information!

Looking for a home? These guys are Horde and proud. The ReaperZ are a proud Horde casual raiding (and a ton of other stuff) guild located on the Terokkar server. We are looking for a few good men and women to fill out our ranks. We believe that raiding is all about learning how to work together as a team - to figure out what went wrong, make some adjustments to our strategy and then keep trying until we get it right. We do not believe in playing the blame game - we win or lose as a team and that is all there is to it. We would love to be able to form two 10 man teams and work on a 25 man for all the new Cataclysm content. If you have an excellent attitude, are at least 16 years old and believe that having fun is the point of playing WOW then we would like to talk to you. You can find out all about us (including all the crazy stuff we love to do) and apply online at or by whispering Mixx in game.

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