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Dragon Oath offering real-world prizes for virtual contest

Rubi Bayer, @@rubi_

The folks at ChangYou are introducing a new contest for their Dragon Oath players, and it's one that virtual pet fans are going to love. The contest is called "Pump up Your Pet," and it gives every entrant a free white fox pet along with a chance to win a Nintendo 3DS, a Tt eSports prize package, or one of three Amazon gift cards.

To enter, you'll need to have a Dragon Oath character of level 10 or above, and "like" the Dragon Oath Facebook page. Click the "promotions" tab on the Facebook page to receive a code to add the pet to your account, and then the real fun begins!

Your task is to level your new pet as much as you can by 1:00 p.m. EST on July 28th. When the deadline arrives, take a screenshot of your character and pet and send it to along with your character, account name, and the entry code you received to get your white fox pet. The top 10 players with the highest leveled White Foxes will be put in a raffle to win one of the prizes, and ChangYou will announce the winners on August 26th.

Best of luck to all who enter!

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