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Modder builds homebrew version of Minecraft on DS

We've long held the opinion that the only thing standing between our world and its inevitable ruin is the creation of a portable version of Mojang's remarkably addictive Minecraft. We're still waiting on the Xperia Play to bring about said apocalypse, but it seems a Nintendo DS modder by the name of Smelaum has beaten Sony to the punch, releasing a demo of a homebrew application aptly titled Minecraft DS.

The software, which is demonstrated in the video above, is fairly basic: Players can only add or remove blocks, and cannot save their towering megastructures. Smelaum hopes to bolster the homebrew with saving and terrain generation -- hopefully those features will be implemented before Smelaum is incapacitated by Notch's shadowy cabal of trademark lawyers. (We're kidding, of course; those clearly don't exist.)

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