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NBA Jam: On Fire Edition will be $15, sport a touch of razzle-dazzle


NBA Jam was meant to be bundled as a freebie before EA canned NBA Elite 11. It ended up on disc as a standalone product on Wii and, later, Xbox 360, PS3 and eventually iOS. Now, EA is launching NBA Jam yet again, this time on Xbox Live and PSN.

NBA Jam: On Fire Edition is slated for PSN and Xbox Live Arcade this fall and aims to offer the most comprehensive version of the game yet, as a $15 download. It's got a new taunting system, online features and the ability to switch between ballers when playing solo.

There are two different core taunts: a mocking gesture (called a razzle-dazzle in the game) that's meant to harass your opponent; and a self-explanatory poke. The poke isn't as strong as the shove, but it's pretty hilarious to see in action -- the cartoon sound bite helps to sell it.

Other new additions include a team fire capability, where three successful alley-oops will set your entire team on fire. You can now switch between players on demand, and the game claims to have an overhauled, more aggressive AI. There's also a new online tournament mode and online co-op campaign, if you're into that whole teamwork thing.

EA representatives wouldn't give me a narrower launch window than October at last week's EA Summer Showcase, but I was told that gamers should expect NBA Jam: On Fire Edition right around the time when "basketball games usually release." So, October, then.

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