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Sandvox updated for Lion; Karelia wants to lure iWeb orphans

Mel Martin

If the impending loss of MobileMe has you wondering how you will maintain and create websites, Sandvox is worth a look. It's more powerful than iWeb, but still easy enough for most beginners. We took a look at Sandvox in May, and now the folks at Karelia are offering a pretty painless path to switch. iWeb users can get 25% off the US $77.00 toll through the end of this month. Just use the coupon code 'iWeb Graduate' when you purchase. Karelia also offers clear advice on how to transfer from iWeb to Sandvox.

Of course with MobileMe going away, you're going to need a new place to host that site, and there are a lot of good alternatives that Steve Sande wrote about last month.

There's more good news from Sandvox today. An update just released (version 2.1) is Lion ready, has some speed increases, and a boatload of fixes and enhancements. You can get details on the latest version here. iWeb isn't dead of course, but with MobileMe going away next year, there's no telling how long the application will be around.

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