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Sony's Tim Schaaff: PSN outage was a 'great learning experience'

We suppose that after having your 77 million-user-strong gaming and shopping network shut down for close to six weeks, you learn how to see the silver lining on even the darkest clouds. For instance, Sony Network Entertainment president Tim Schaaff recently spoke at the GamesBeat 2011 conference about the PSN downtime, and said Sony is "very pleasantly surprised by the experience," explaining that, "the customers have all come back, and network performance is better than ever, sales are better than ever."

Though the downtime cost Sony an estimated $171 million, Schaaff added, "It's been a great experience," and later clarifying, "I would not like to do it again. One time was enough. Great learning experience." We agree! Without the ability to play games online on our PS3s for a month and a half, we had time to learn all kinds of stuff, like rollerblading, flying a kite, and some very basic ukulele techniques.

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