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Apple images reveal new Thunderbolt Cinema Display coming soon


Images leaked on Apple's own servers have revealed that the company is set to unveil new Thunderbolt-equipped LED Cinema Displays. The images were first discovered by MacRumors and show a Cinema Display with the galaxy wallpaper from the upcoming OS X 10.7 Lion. The URL of one of the images also specifies a new part number of "MC194," suggesting that the image is not just updated to reflect the wallpaper background in Lion.

The most telling sign of changes to the upcoming Cinema Display, however, is that one of the images found shows two Cinema Displays connected via Thunderbolt to the most recent MacBook Pro. This connection of two displays (or "daisy-chaining") to one MacBook Pro could only be accomplished using Thunderbolt technology. If you're in the market for a new Cinema Display, it's best to hold off until next week to see if Apple will release these new displays alongside Lion.

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