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SWTOR Studio Insider dives into opening cinematics


About once every four weeks, BioWare gives us a backstage look at what it takes to put together the monumental MMO Star Wars: The Old Republic. These articles are simply called Studio Insider. This week, Senior Video Editor Brian Arndt tells us all about putting together the unique cinematics every player will see the first time he or she logs into SWTOR.

Typically, the job of video editor ends for MMOs when the trailers are produced or all the PR work is done. In TOR, it's a little bit different. This editing team actually worked on the introduction to each class in the game. Arndt explains on the official site, "Developing the text crawls and intro scenes for each of the classes was a blast for us. We so often create videos and trailers to show off all the awesome work our colleagues have developed in the game, so it was very cool for us to use those same skills to contribute something to the in-game experience as well."

After the cut we have the first part of the opening crawl to the Sith Warrior class as well as a mini-progression video of the Smuggler class intro. After you view those, visit the official Studio Insider for Arndt's complete article as well as fan questions answered by Senior Audio Artist Scott Morton.

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