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TUAW's Daily iPad App: Paper Camera


Although I'm a sucker for photography apps on the iPhone, I haven't really done any photography on the iPad 2. It's a great device for running photography touchup apps, but what about actually using the camera? Paper Camera is a US$0.99 (sale price, regular price $2.99) universal app that is just fun enough to make me start taking pictures with my iPad 2.

Sure, there's the problem of looking like a complete tool while holding the iPad 2 up to take a photo, but at my age I don't care any more. Paper Camera uses a whimsical hand-drawn user interface and displays your live camera image on a piece of wrinkled paper. There are 11 different filters available, each of which provide cartoon and painting effects to your photos.

Gallery: Paper Camera's Hand Drawn Effects | 2 Photos

Sliders are available for adjusting the contrast, brightness, and line thickness of any of the effects. When you want to switch effects, there are large arrows at the top of the screen to tap on. Want to actually quit admiring the view and take a photo? Tap the big red camera icon, which looks like a child drew it.

The app only works with the camera right now -- you can't pull in photos from the Photo Library -- but developer JFDB Labs is planning on adding that feature in version 1.2, scheduled for about two weeks from now. Following updates are expected to add full resolution photos and saving live video with the effects applied.

There's one annoyance with the app. The hand-drawn interface doesn't flip as it should when you turn the iPad over. Other than that, it's a barrel of fun and at just 99¢ right now, it's a bargain that you can install on your iPhone as well.

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